Philips Store missing

I recently received my unit and want to set it up with some apps. However, the Philips Store which was advertized on IndieGogo, is missing from the home screen.

How are you supposed to install apps without this?

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Use the Aptoide TV app.

There is no such thing on my PicoMax.

Also, according to Philip’s official indiegogo campaign, the projector is said to include a ‘Philips Store’.

How do you open the Philips Store as advertized by Philips?

No such thing as Philips Store on this (yet if at all).

I don’t know anything about what Philips Store. What we all use is Aptoide TV app to download other apps.

Welcome to the PPM :rofl::joy::rofl:. The only app store you get at the moment is Aptoide I’m afraid. If you’ve deleted it (or it somehow came without it) you could try opening the file manager and go to the installable apk section, you might find it there. It doesn’t provide specific apps for the PPM though so it’s very hit and miss.
There have been a comments from the developers about setting up a more suitable app store in the future. :crossed_fingers:
I’ve resorted to installing an .apk extractor on my phone from the Play store > copying the extracted apk to Google Drive > using my pc to login to Gdrive and copy them to a flash drive > installing them on the PPM from that.
You can just download apk from the web but 1/2 the time they get flagged by my pc for having viruses!

It does state quite clearly that it has a ‘Philips store’. It also shows the logo for the official YouTube app.

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Yes according to Philips, you are supposed to use the Philips Store, not Aptoide.

Anyone from Philips able to comment?

Yes, I saw that it did state ‘Philips Store’ but I am not waiting for it. Even if they do create a dedicated ‘Philips Store’, I am doubtful that it will be useful as the range of apps available will likely be limited.

Good luck waiting.

25 days ago Philips wrote about this in another thread: Aurora Store instead of Aptoide At least at that time, they hadn’t made up their minds about which app store to go with. In my opinion, there would be both good and bad things with having a Philips App Store.

On the positive side, it would only contain apps (and versions) that actually work with the projector. Users wouldn’t have to try dead ends themselves so much anymore. On the negative side, as you say the range of apps would probably be more limited than in Aptoide. I can also see the Philips Store being quite dependent on the users being active in requesting and suggesting apps themselves - and thus depending on a large enough active user base.

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It is what’s advertised and would be much more user friendly than what we currently have even if the selection was quite small in comparison to aptoide etc. At least any popular apps that work would be on there, and we won’t have to mess about on forums searching for answers, it shouldn’t be up to the user to have to try 5 different versions of an app from random dodgy sources.

Philips already say it has a Philips Store - you can see it right there in the campaign. I just don’t know how to open it or find it.

There is no Philips Store. Maybe they planned one but it does not exist.

As several people have already mentioned, use the Aptoid Store to download apps.


Perhaps build another working apps list will do, but a locked topic with no discussions just a listing with version number and where and how to download so it’s easier to go through ,
And leave the discussions to the current thread,
Or maybe if possible have that thread as a bookmark as a Firefox browser tab on the home screen , with either direct links to the apks or auto open either the aptoide or aurora stores , but that last part needs to sort out Firefox downloads which I read isn’t working?

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Why do Philips say there is a Philips Store if there isn’t one? Are they lying?

Did you read the thread I linked to above? They apparently haven’t still decided (at least hadn’t at the time of writing that post) whether to develop their own app store or use an existing one. In case of the latter, even the final decision on which app store isn’t/wasn’t done. Up until now, the pre-installed app store is Aptoide TV. We might still get a Philips store, that’s something that only the Philips staff can inform us about.

This is one of the things that make crowdfunding different from buying a product off the shelf in a store (or even ordering on Amazon). At the time of the “purchase”, the final product isn’t yet ready so there are usually changes in the specifications. There has been other changes as well in this campaign (upgraded BT chip, hardware limitations when using HDMI or USB-C ports that weren’t reflected in the campaign material).


There’s a difference between that and outright lying. That would be the equivalent of buying a hamburger with cheese, but then you find out there is no cheese.