PicoPix Max FAQ

First step by step tutorial

Who created the PicoPix Max?
The PicoPix Max is a Philips product. At Philips, we believe that all content deserves our attention and must be viewed in the best conditions. It is our goal to design, build, and manufacture the best products that matter to you.

Where can I find a user manual?
This page will allow you to choose from many different languages that the user manual and quick-start guide are available in: View support for your PicoPix Max Mobile projector PPX620/INT | Philips

What colors do you offer?
We are only offering a single color option: Ceramic Black.

Is Full HD supported or native?
The PicoPix Max is Full HD native with 4 actuators, meaning what you watch is really Full HD 1080p.

What are the dimensions?
The PicoPix Max was designed to be pocket-fiendly. It’s 136 x 134 x 47.5 mm / 5.35 x 5.28 x 1.87 inch.

Is there a warranty?
The warranty is 24 months from the date of reception.

What is your return / exchange policy?
If you received your product and you aren’t satisfied (hardware issues for example), you may exchange it for a new one within 30 days, less shipping & handling fees. Understand that the PicoPix Max is a piece of technology and will require some software updates in order to fix all issues and fine tune it to the perfection. The product will only be accepted in the same condition in which it was received. Your return shipment should include all items that were included in the original shipment.

Will I be able to use my Chromecast/Amazon Fire/Roku/Apple TV?
Yes! Thanks to the HDMI port you can plug any stick/boxes.

What do I need to know about shipping?
We are able to ship worldwide! VAT and GST not included in perk pre-order price and will be determined by country on delivery. Backers are responsible for these costs (VAT, GST, duties, taxes, etc) on delivery. Shipping costs vary by country; please see reward for details on the shipping cost that applies to you.

Can I fix PicoPix Max to the ceiling?
Yes, you can! You will need to purchase a separate tripod that allows for ceiling fixation. The PicoPix Max is fitted with a standard tripod screw, and we recommend additionally supporting it with a harness.

What is the input lag measurement for PicoPix Max?
PicoPix Max has input lag of just 36ms via HDMI connection.

What’s the refresh rate?
PicoPix Max has a refresh rate of up to 60fps in 1080p.

Is the PicoPix Max compatible with Sonos?
PicoPix Max is not yet compatible as Sonos uses special protocols. Several apps are already compatible like Spotify or Plex

What is the max MicroSD capacity?
We have tested with 512GB and need to test further with 1Tb and 2Tb.

Can I login into Google apps (Youtube for eg)?
Despite all our efforts to communicate with Google, we can’t make our PicoPix Max to be certified and get the GMS so we cannot have the Android Playstore. But you can use your own account on Youtube!

Can I cast Apple TV+ from an iPhone/Mac/iPad to the projector?
Yes you can do so with the Wireless Screen Mirroring or HDMI

What is the difference between screen mirroring and Google Casting?
Screen Mirroring will duplicate your screen (smartphone, tablets, computers), and project it to the Philips PicoPix Max. Google Cast will simply send the content you want to play directly to the projector. For eg, if you want to play a Youtube Video or Youtube Original series, you can do so by going to your youtube app (in your smart device: smartphone, tablets…), play the content and press on the Cast button. Content will be played on the projector while you can do other tasks on your phone

What is the Wireless Speaker function?
The Philips PicoPix Max is recognized as a wireless speaker by any Apple device. You just need to go to Settings>Wireless Mirroring>iOS, in order to launch it at least once. It will then start automatically at each start. Then you can listen your music from your phone, directly on the PicoPix Max, you can even connect external speakers to it for a bigger sound

How to pair my remote control?
The remote control has 2 ways to control the projector: IR and Bluetooth. While IR works out of the box, bluetooth needs to be paired. In order to do so, please go to the projector Settings>Bluetooth. On the remote control, press OK+Volume- keys for 4 sec until the LED blinks. You should see the Philips AirMote appearing on the projector Bluetooth Device List. Press Connect on the remote control.

Does the vertical auto Keystone work over HDMI/USB-C?

What is Auto Keystone?
The auto keystone will work everywhere, from internal to HDMI, in order to get a straight image even if your projector is on the ceiling or in a table. The correction is automatic for up/down position.

Does the 4 corners correction and vertical auto keystone work with wireless screen mirroring?
Yes, but not over HDMI/USB-C

Does the Digital Zoom works for internal, USB, wireless screen mirroring and HDMI?
Yes except HDMi and USB-C inputs.

Does the PicoPix Max is 1080p?
Yes! We use a DMD 0.23 with 4 actuator to get 1080p. There is no any difference with other projectors projecting 1080p resolution

What do I do If I move and change address?
Please send an email to support@screeneo.com

What will be the actual RRP price of the PicoPix Max in Stores?
899euros/USD + Tax

What is ANSI Color Lumens?
Different products with the same ANSI Lumens measurement can have a widely different actual brightness. ANSI Lumens only measure White color, not the millions of other colors used in your content. ANSI Lumens refers to outdated technology: lamp-based projectors rather than LED projectors with RGB-B. To put it simply, the ANSI Lumens measurement doesn’t describe the performance of a projector rendering full color imagery. We are using the term Color Lumens which better describes how bright the image will actually look. Essentially, Color Lumens = Lumens + Vivid Color + Fine Tuned Picture Settings.
Unfortunately, the rule that ANSI Lumens are a universal measurement of brightness for projectors is simply not the case. ANSI Lumens refers to the measurement of determining the brightness of white pixels and was adapted for lamp based projectors. Current projector technology like LED projectors with RGB-B have better color saturation and appear brighter than lamp based projectors. With the evolution of both the content that we watch and the projectors themselves, standard ANSI Lumens are now obsolete. We are using the term Color Lumens which better describes how bright the image will actually look. Essentially, Color Lumens = Lumens + Vivid Color + Fine Tuned Picture Settings.

Can I use speakers connected to jack 3.5 port with a device connected to HDMI/USB-C?

Can I root my device?
Yes sure but
1: you won’t get Widevine L1 anymore
2: the warranty will be voided because it can damage hardware components

How can I use external speakers with HDMI?
Unfortunately our PicoPix Max doesn’t have ARC but you can purchase an accessory to connect your HDMI device to other speakers with SPDIF or HDMI. This is an ARC box: https://www.amazon.ca/AmazonBasics-Audio-Stereo-Extractor-Converter/dp/B07KRWYN4R/ref=sr_1_4?crid=1VQSEI0ECWHNX&keywords=hdmi%2Baudio%2Bextractor%2B4k&qid=1579181171&sprefix=hdmi%2Baudio,aps,211&sr=8-4


Please explain! Can‘t shops decide for themselves how much money they want from a customer?

Recomended Retail Price (RRP)


RRP means Recomended Retail Price (RRP | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary)
Shops can decide if they want to go higher or lower than the RRP Philips decides on

The first R stands for “Recommended”. Shops can charge whatever they want.

This is a proposed price yes


So can I ask, is it possible to use the 3.5mm audio line out to a speaker while playing HDMI/USB-C content, will audio work?

Hello! yes it is! From HDMI and USB-C! I will add it in the FAQ


Thank you about this update

I would suggest adding an item explaining the relationship between Screeneo and Philips.

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The domain screeneo.com is registered / owned by PowerData in Switzerland. If you go to powerdata.ch you will find a distribution company which has contracts for quite a few well known brands, including Philips, Anker, Lexar, Segway/NineBot and many many more.

How is this envisioned to work? “fastboot oem unlock”-style unlocking which will disable Widevine L1 keys/OP-TEE before unlocking the bootloader? Is re-locking support planned?



For those looking for an external ARC box: https://www.amazon.ca/AmazonBasics-Audio-Stereo-Extractor-Converter/dp/B07KRWYN4R/ref=sr_1_4?crid=1VQSEI0ECWHNX&keywords=hdmi%2Baudio%2Bextractor%2B4k&qid=1579181171&sprefix=hdmi%2Baudio,aps,211&sr=8-4

Hi ! The PPM is compatible with Bluetooth speakers, what about HomePod ?

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Will it be or is it possible to flip the image vertically in order to project onto the ceiling without having the device tilted upside down basically?

This is the one I used… It has microUSB port instead of a proprietary DC port - which is more universal. For me, it actually worked for optical audio without external power, since it is also powered by the HDMI cable. But you need to use a high quality cable or it likely wouldn’t work with long runs. The only time you actually need the external power is for RCA/3.5mm audio out.

Hi @mhoegh, yes this is currently already possible. Easy to change it in the Settings, supported modes are front, rear, ceiling front and ceiling rear.

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I have been waiting for over a week for you to get back to me around my refund.
I demand a response, this is insane.
Here is my topic - Refund Request and ETA

I’ve emailed numerous times, no response.

Give me instructions for where to send my device. I want my money back.