PicoPix Max for sale ? / ! Sellers and buyers meet here

Anyone willing to sell their PicoMAX? If anyone’s interested perhaps we can continue the conversation on something like Facebook, video chat to confirm we’re both real humans, and go from there ? :slight_smile:

Backer in the United States by the way!

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I’m in Australia and selling mine; where are you based?


Based in Sweden and interested to sell mine

Hi folks,
I received my PPM and tested it for about 3 week from time to time. Unfortunately I’m not as satisfied as I was while imagining all the features and buying it… Soo if anyone is interested in getting another one please contact me - the device is located in Germany

Hi Leander,
are you still selling your PPM?

I’m based in Italy (or Switzerland)


Hi bollywoodbio_se,
are you still selling your projector?


Hi All,
if anyone is interested i have a PicoPix Max to sell
Hand delivery to Lugano, Como or Milan.
shipping in Italy or Switzerland.

@Maurizio are you still interestded?


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Hi from Switzerland,

just received mine on Friday last week. Meanwhile purchased a different one (since I needed it for business). Now I plan to sell the PPM.

Opened it and used it once for about 20min (curiosity won)

PM me if you are interested.

Shipping to Switzerland or Germany.

Best, Stephan

Still selling mine same price payed .

Shipping in Italy and Switzerland.

PM me if you are interested.

Hey everyone, anyone selling a PPM? Share offers and condition please.