PicoPix Max One (PPX520) randomly turns on


I have an ‘enthralling’ experience with my Philips PPM Max One. The beamer turns itself on regularly without any input being given. The PPM is in the bedroom and that is not ideal.

It appears that the PPM detects movement and then decides to turn on.

I have tried several things:

  • Use with FireTV stick (powered via USB on PPM and socket);
  • Use with Chromecast V3 (powered by USB on PPM and wall outlet);
  • Use with Apple TV. During this period, the PPM did not enter into force on its own.

The PPM hangs high on the wall and I would love to have no wires running across the walls. So use with the built-in USB port is desired. The use with the AppleTV is therefore sub-optimal.

I have read to date from one fellow user who has experienced the same problem. Do you have any tips?

PS: Currently I have taped both IR eyes and put away the remote control; No idea if this solves the problem yet.

Hello Okneh, we are sorry to hear that.
DO you have another remote control in this room? AC? TV? Other ?


Thanks for your respons!

Yes, i have got a few; might there be interference?
The other remotes where not used when the PPM turned on. It just randomly turns on without doing a thing (exept just walking by).

This is weird!
Is it a hunted house ? :slight_smile:
OK have you tried to reset it?
If yes, can you try to charge it till 100% and then run it on battery until the battery drains, then connect it again to DC port and charge
Last: if you put it somewhere, where no interference can happen: drawer wardrobe… What is is happening ? (be sure you put it somewhere with a lot of air around, not a closed box
Keep us posted!

Yes, weird but also very annoying. I hope the house isn’t haunted. :sweat_smile:

I tried the factory-reset (via the menu) it didn’t change a thing. I also reinstalled the firmware, but that didn’t help either.

I removed all the remotes and taped the two IR eyes with electrical tape. So it’s isolated now.

I’ll keep you informed.

It may be a CEC issue. You could try to turn it off and see.

Hi Ronald, thanks for your suggestion. I forgot to mention: I already disabled HDMI CEC. Even with HDMI CEC turned off it started randomly; the problem doesn’t seem to be CEC.

Again: thank you for your contribution :slight_smile:

keep us posted !
Do you have other devices in your house that send random auto IR codes to your AC or any other Logitech IR systems ?

Thank god I´m not the only one seeing ghosts! :grimacing:

I couldn´t reproduce the problem as it´s pretty random, sometimes I linked it to IR interference (I happened to switch on my AC with its remote near my PPM One last summer and then it turned on itself) but one day It happened after switching lights on, or coming back after some minutes.

I had the same behaviour with Linux installed on a Skull Canyon mini PC (wake on lan or usb devices disabled) but, at least, in that case you could leave it unplugged. I know PPM One has a barebones Linux OS. May Linux kernel be the main culprit? @PrashantFB

As a workaround I suggest including an option in the next update to auto switch off PPM after a user-defined time (ranging from 10 secs to 30 min, for example) if no external sources are detected. That way I wouldn´t fear to cover it from dust, or carrying it over to a friend´s house, avoiding fire risk from a overburnt projector.

By the way, it looks like latest update introduced a charging bug (no more white led after full charge). So battery bypass isn´t an option now.

@Okneh @Philips_Support_N

Dear Khan,

No, unfortunately you are not alone. I had already come across your threads.

I think it is indeed linked to the IR eye. I just didn’t use remotes; for me it turns on completely autonomously. Not very useful.

I have now covered both IR eyes (‘camera’ + IR front and IR rear) with black insulating tape. To date, the beamer has not started up on its own. I can turn it on just fine on the beamer itself, it hangs (upside down) on the bedroom wall and beams on an opposite wall.

I really hope the problem is IR. Without IR I can live just fine with my Chromecast V3 on it; it controls the sound over the phone. (Unfortunately, the FireTV stick cannot control IR codes / via HDMI CEC and can therefore not control audio; I am waiting for HDMI CEC support from the Firestick).

Nope; i have Philips Hue lights (i think radio controlled) a ceiling fan (IR controlled with remote, not automatic) and nightscreens (i think also radio controlled). The ‘suspect’ is the ceiling fan.

Or the Philips remote is the problem. That is the next testfase (remove the insulating tape and keep the remote away.)

This evening the beamer started on its own. So it is not the IR. It has to be something else; the IR eyes are taped off.

Strange thing is; it turns on while we are in the room. It looks like it detects us.

Ps: my last hope is the use of the Apple TV.

If it isn’t I will try to get it fixed under warranty (bought is second handed without a receipt, but with the box (mft is 09/2020).

Hello, have you tried to make the test without any device connected to it ? just the projector alone ? This may be triggered by CEC function.

I have not tested without any device: it is also undesirable for me to disconnect the devices every time. I have now connected my Apple TV: until now it did not start on its own. If it does then I will disconect all devices.

Also: CEC on the beamer was off!

It’s so random and unpredictable; i will keep you informed.

Hi @Okneh you mentioned using FireTV with your PicoPix. FireTV is known to send some kind of CEC signal that turns projectors on randomly – not just Philips but also other brands, and even if CEC is disabled on the projector. Have you tried another media player? Also check FireTV’s CEC setting and turn it off.

I got the PicoPix Max in a bedroom mounted on the wall with just a USB charge cable plugged in but the powered switched off, even on this model I have noticed the odd occasion where you come into the room it switches on.
It’s happened quite a few times when the kids are running around the house.

Hello Philips_Support_P,

I bought a Fire TV stick specifically for the Philips beamer. This is recommended by Philips. But indeed I read that there are often problems with the FireTV stick.

So then I bought a Google Chromecast v3 (via USB power) and plugged it in. This gives the same problem: the beamer turns on randomly.

I have both the FireTV stick and the Chromecast connected to my two different TVs in the house: never any problem. It is therefore due to the combination of the Philips beamer with the two devices.

I have tried both devices powered via the USB port of the beamer and from the wall socket.

HDMI CEC is disabled on all devices.

I already had an Apple TV4 lying around, I didn’t want to use it because it can’t be powered via the Beamer’s USB port and there is now an HDMI cable running across the wall. Strangely enough, the Apple TV works just fine.

All in all, I am quite disappointed with the projector.
I bought the projector used and Philips Projection customer service says I need a receipt for warranty (although the Philips site clearly says otherwise). Even if I were allowed to send the beamer to Philips, I doubt whether I would get a warranty: because it concerns cooperation of products.

I think I’m going to sell the projector and buy an LG projector: I never hear any problems with that. And they have a dedicated off switch.

Hello Rob,

Now there are three of us. :slight_smile: Your problem seems worse: I can uplug the FireTV / Chromecast or use an Apple TV. Have you contacted Philips for warranty? I think it is a bit dangerous if a device starts itself.

Of course annoying for you; it looks exactly like it happened to me. The children jump out of bed and/or we walk past the beamer. In my case only with the Chromecast or Fire TV.

I have already taped the ‘front camera / sensor’: that didn’t help either.

It really seems to be a problem with these specific beamers.

I have one more attempt for usesage with the Chromecase or FireTV. A device called a CEC-killer; it just removes pin ‘13’ i believe.

If that doesn’t work i will keep on using it with the AppleTV or sell it (unless Philips is willing to help me)

Update: the HDMI CEC killer has arrived. I’ve installed the Chromecast V3 and hope it doesn’t turn on again.

To date, the CEC killer works. It seems that Philips has not done a very good implementation of CEC on the beamer; because on my TVs I don’t suffer from the problems. I am hoping on a software update with a ‘hard’ power off like LG beamers have.

By the way: in my many attempts I have also discovered that image via USB C does not work on my beamer. I tried different cables an turned charging on and off; no luck.