PicoPix Max red-blue/won't work

Hi, local (Finland) support does not answer where should I take PicoPix max for service.

Battery is not very good, shut down randomly even as new. After 1/2 year red/blue light is blinking when charged and now it won’t go on when you try - sometimes goes on by it self w/o reason I can understand.

Hi, if you have a macbook pro and the charger that comes with it, try using that one. I got the similar behaviour and the cause was the charger. Replacing with a usbc charger that gives 67W or more output might fix your issues. It just might be that simple.

Thanks - used devise’s original and Lenovo’s 2 different original chargers - all of those worked earlier…
Device wont go on and I think switch is somehow stuck… This really need’s pro service.

Sorry it did not help. Yes, then it needs to get looked by someone.

Now it’s obvious: Philips does not have working international warranty - Philips won’t even help locally, not even when I several times promised to pay the service… I couldn’t believe this earlier, but now I do unfortunately. Points in the matters 0/10. In whole process there is only one guy from Philips who got point, he tried but found same result as I did…

One local distributor (didn’t sell these when I bought mine) told they do not service, they give a new right away. Mine is heading back to seller… It was waste of time to save some money and environment.

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Dear community user,

Thank you for exposing your situation to us, would you be able to confirm which email you are reaching out to on the customer service side?

Thank you