PicoPix Max red-blue/won't work

Hi, local (Finland) support does not answer where should I take PicoPix max for service.

Battery is not very good, shut down randomly even as new. After 1/2 year red/blue light is blinking when charged and now it won’t go on when you try - sometimes goes on by it self w/o reason I can understand.

Hi, if you have a macbook pro and the charger that comes with it, try using that one. I got the similar behaviour and the cause was the charger. Replacing with a usbc charger that gives 67W or more output might fix your issues. It just might be that simple.

Thanks - used devise’s original and Lenovo’s 2 different original chargers - all of those worked earlier…
Device wont go on and I think switch is somehow stuck… This really need’s pro service.

Sorry it did not help. Yes, then it needs to get looked by someone.