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I thought it would be a good idea to start bundling reviews in 1 place. Everyone looking for reviews on the PicoPix Max can add them in this topic and I will add them in the main post once a day.

NOTE: all reviews which are from before firmware version V1.0.25 will be hidden to avoid confusion. You can still view them by clicking on “Click for older reviews”.

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As more people get their projectors, more reviews will come up, feel free to leave a comment and I will add it in this main post :slight_smile:


I’d love to see all the reviews in one place :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

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I’ve pinned it, but please sort them chronologically or at least put the review date and software version used. Since the product is improving fast, not all reviews will reflect the correct status as of today.


Thanks @Philips_Support_P! Yes, I’m aware, that’s why I was adding the software version already :smiley: I’ll continue to update it.

Can we also make is so, that when a link to a review is pressed, it is opened in a separate tab or window? Thanks.

@Hans-Goran_Puke You can do it yourself in your profile settings. Just check this:

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Very good suggestion and will be most useful, thanks!

Another suggestion. For example, there are already some people sharing their experience with the PPM but it would be great if we have a template for that with some basic information that is important not only for the backers but also for Philips so they can understand the customer’s experience better. A simple example would be:


  • Software Update Version:
  • Lighting:
  • Distance:
  • Screen Size:
  • Background Color:
  • Wall/Projection Screen:
  • Projector Mode:

From all discussions so far, I find that these are questions we all ask and this is like the prerequisite info we need to get an idea about the conditions in which the review is made.

(free text)


  1. Issue 1
  2. Issue 2

(free text)

Let me know what you guys think. This would also help Philips tackle issues and provide timely feedback if needed.



Thanks! I didn’t know that.

This is a link to a Facebook post I made on a PPM group about my setup including photos of the PPM in action. Had to use a tiny URL because Facebook links are really long. https://tinyurl.com/uqxkeos


Just now read that PHC review - assuming on older firmware?

But that’s pretty amazing that it achieves 600 plus lumens on normal, and over 400 on energy saver, and then they report 2:24 hours on normal and 3+ hours on energy saver. That means I can probably use this with the latest firmware to get through an NFL game without plugging in which is incredibly promising!

Right now my Nebula Capsule II probably gets just north of 2 hours on it’s battery mode, which is probably 150 lumens at best (maybe even 100 lumens, I don’t know how to measure). So this result is making me giddy for the PPM, as long as YouTubeTV works.

One question - is this PHC blog stating this only achieves 225:1 contrast ratio? That seems, kind of abysmal, but hard to put in context with my current projector experience. I realize that projectors cannot achieve TV like/OLED like contrast ratios, but I was expecting north of 500:1?

The initial impressions by PHC was indeed on older firmware: 1.0.22. I read somewhere that they were sending an updated unit to PHC to do a full review :smiley: Hopefully, soon!

But yeah, I agree that the brightness is awesome for such a small device and let"s hope the contrast is improved with the new firmware :wink:

Why would they need to send a new unit to test it on newer firmware?

It might be because the sample they sent already includes a beta 26 with options to modify colors, etc… or because they wanted to ensure the sample is correctly calibrated.

That’s my concern. I honesty am not much interested in knowing if PHC sample is perfectly calibrated, especially after they sent him a hand revised one, I’d rather prefer a random sample (possibly mine) to be reasonably well calibrated.


Yep, my concern as well. If they sent a fully calibrated unit to the reviewer, it is not a representation of an uncalibrated retail unit.

@Philips_Support_P Do you know if the PHC reviewer already has the updated review unit? And what was the reason for sending an updated unit instead of simply sending the firmware update? :slight_smile: Thanks for the information!

The sample sent to PassionHomeCinema doesn’t have any special calibration, it’s the same what everyone else received. One difference is that we preloaded the manual color adjustment app, which was removed from 1.0.25. We don’t have many ‘extra’ units to ship around since backer shipments take priority.

@Philips_Support_N what’s the update on his review?


Gregory got the projector and is testing it right now. Results will be published at end of the week.


I asked if Gregory (PHC professional reviewer) had some first impressions of the V1.0.25 update:

Les couleurs sont un peu mieux ajustées, la netteté est trop poussée. Les réglages RVB ne sont toujours pas la, apparemment ce sera pour une future mise à jour.

For people who do not understand french:

  • The colors are a little bit better calibrated.
  • The sharpness is pushed to far
  • No RGB settings for better calibration yet. This should be for a next update.

We’ll have to wait for the full review later this week for more detailed information.