PicoPix Max stopped working after software update

Hello, I bought a PicoPix Max via Indiegogo.

Indiegogo contribution #7563 receipt for Philips PicoPix Max - 1080p Full HD Pico Projector

I sent several messages without reply… I get only a black screen when I turn it on since I did the last update (after the Philips logo, nothing appears on the screen and no button works to do anything). Please advise how to fix and send a new one ASAP, I’ve been unable to use it for several weeks now! Thanks

Hi @Ele we’re sorry to hear that. It seems you need to perform a recovery restore. Your data will be erased but the system software will stay at the latest version.

Please follow the instructions here Cable restore procedure but only the recovery factory restore. You don’t need to perform the cable restore.

Just an FYI, I had this exact same issue after performing the software update from v1.1.04 to the latest version (v1.2.1 I think). Performing the recovery factory reset worked for me to solve the issue. But I must say that it’s not a great upgrade experience. This is fine for someone like me who is comfortable messing around in Android bootloaders, but this is the kind of issue I would only expect when you are running some custom firmware, not stock firmware from the manufacturer. Still though, the factory reset documentation is well written. Thank you.