PicoPix Max Tips/Tricks/Hacks/Mods

Please share Tips/Tricks/Hacks/Mods for PPM.

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I’ll share the first one: click 6 times (press OK) on the software version in settings->About to open the hidden default android settings menu. It’s useful first and foremost to connect to WiFi if the settings app is bugging out.


Waow, cool first tip !
Very good to know.

Have you others as useful as this one ?

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Is there a way to boot recovery mode or fastboot?
In case that, you mess the system and make it unbootable. Recovery mode can be used to factory reset.


Looks like the instructions you need are here…


Or for future reference, you can boot into the stock recovery (for factory reset) as follows:

  • turn the projector completely off (e.g. long-hold the power button)
  • make sure there is nothing in the USB-A port
  • insert a pin into the ‘recovery’ pinhole. Two pinholes are one the side of the PPM; recovery is the one closest to the usb-c port (the other is a hard reset)
  • while pressing the button inside this pinhole, power on the projector with the power button. Release the power button, then release the pinhole.
  • You should get a screen with a robot, and the text “no command”. This is the stock recovery.
  • Press the ‘power’ button, and while holding it press ‘volume up’ on the device. This should bring you in the recovery menu.
  • You can navigate the menu with the volume keys, or the remote control via IR.

Please can you post a picture of it?? … also another one for the Factory reset pinhole for future reference.
I’m still waiting for my PPM so … it’s very easy to forget…


Mount /system let me assume I can access a shell some how? serial terminal at /dev/usb…?
yeb usb-c power port gives you /dev/tty.usbserial-1410 and /dev/cu.usbserial-1410

Is Android Recovery same on android devices? Where can I read the basics about android stuff (not linux basics)
edit: okay It seems to be pretty well known

You cannot do much with the built-in recovery except the factory reset. Basically what it needs to do.

Fyi: The serial interface is only available via pins on the PCB. The serial interface in power USB-C is connected to the USB-C video translator chip, not the main system. ADB will not work since the USB-A is in host mode by default, and needs to be switched to gadget mode.

I installed “Settings App” application, there is a little bit more option I think. (not working all icon but I am satisfied).

For example, i this app - Settings - Device preferences - Advanced setting - Performance Dialog - ON … you can see CPU usage, CPU temperature… always on the screen .

Has anyone managed to install Gapps through this method? Curious?