Picopix max wont able to turning on

I just received the Picopix today I plug the charger about 2hr led is still Red then I push power button nothing coming up just only hearing the fan is spinning and the body is not hot anymore. anybody facing the same problem and how could I do ?

Do you mean that the PPM was hot to the touch during charging?

No the PPM temperature look normal even charging and during turn-on but no picture just hear only the fan spinning

Ok, there are other reports here in the forums of what sounds like the same issue. Basically everything works except there’s no light output (which of course is a key feature of a projector). Troubleshooting: Projector won't power on / no picture display / shuts down soon after starting

I also follow the instruction but no hope, will try again once plugged charger for more longer

I am facing same problem either.
Could you find any solution for this matter??

send email to them for request an replacement unit

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Thanks for reply
Actually I have sent email to philips.projector.eu@screeneo.com
And their auto reply said the form for any support would send soon
If I got It, soon I’ll inform all of them here

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