PicoPix MaxTV (PPX720 AndroidTV)

[This is a follow up to the discussion in the “wrong thread” Is the PPX620 still in beta test ?]

Hi Community,

Can’t wait for an official [+availability] announcement of the upcoming PicoPix Max TV (PPX720) with Android TV and the Speaker Powerhouse!

I really loved the mate finish on the Max One and its great to see, that the upcoming flagship will follow this trend!

Is there a way to make an exchange between the beta product PPX620 for a brand new PPX720 ? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


My biggest gripe is the size just to make it work like a proper speaker. One of my least concern is the built-in speaker. I’d rather use my own and place it wherever I want. Not that I will buy this anyway though. I pretty sure it’ll be expensive :joy:

Nice Try/Idea but I think the answer will similiar to this one:

I know, but I’m so pissed off about the PicoPix Max… :pensive:

At least it’s a good, “maybe native 1080p”, HDMI projector :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hello Guys, yes indeed we have released our new PicoPix Max TV, the flagship of our PicoPix collection equipped with Android TV!

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[…] Der Philips PicoPix MaxTV wird mit HDMI- und USB-C-Videokabeln sowie einem internationalen Ladegerät geliefert und ist ab dem 5. November zu einem Preis von 899,99 EUR / 899,99 USD erhältlich […]

Source, official press release:

Time to Update https://picopix.com/ :wink:

Availability? Price?

This states 5th Nov at USD$899. Is this accurate?

Hello guys, the product is now on the way to our retailers. That should be there end of Nov.
This is now depending how fast our distributors and retailers are adding it in the stores.