PicoPix Nano failure.


I am based in Indonesia. My partner bought a PicoPix Nano in Switzerland, flew out here to give it to me, and it worked flawlessly for one day. The second day it refuses to turn on, only lighting up the red led for a brief second when pressed. Or, when it is plugged in, the red led stays on for as long as it is plugged in.

Can anyone suggest a fix, or how to return this product? I cannot find anything about returns on the Swiss or Indonesian sites.


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I know with the Pico Pix Max sometimes when the battery was fully drained you needed to plug it in for 24hrs to get it back working properly again

I have charged the battery for 24hrs. Phillips “support” team suggested pressing the on button “for 3 seconds, not 1 second”. I have held down the power button for 1 second, 3 seconds, 5 seconds and ten seconds, both while the unit is plugged into the mains, and under battery power, and absolutely nothing happens bar the red led flickers on for a moment.

I believe we used this unit for an entire 80 minutes.