PicoPix Showing Delivered in Germany but address should be Spain

Hi all, I’ve been emailing and trying all support channels to receive a response and have received no help or feedback.

My purchase was shipped with the wrong documentation and then shipped back to sender. Now my tracking shows as “Your order has been delivered” in Germany where my shipping address is Spain.

My contribution ID: 11941
My DHL Tracking: CR071931954DE

Mine went to the UK (still there)a

I’m in Australia.

This is a shambles.

Based on identical cases in the past, it could either:

  1. Your package has been sent back to the sender and it might me resent to you at some point in time.
  2. Your tracking ID is one that has been reused by the sender and was used by DHL for some other delivery.

Good luck in any case.

I have the same problem. My Pico was delivered on the 14th of July to Vigo in Germany. I live in Spain as well, when can I expect delivery of the product to Spain?