Picopixmax doesn't docus

My picopixmax has been updated/factory reset/ hard reset etc. But it doesn’t focus anymore. Tried to focus 15 times on the floor then focus 15 times on the ceiling also no result. It just keeps giving too blurry picture. I really don’t know what to do anymore.

Apparently you tried everything that’s been suggested already.
Do you hear any whirring noises to indicate that the PPX is trying to focus?
Is the autofocus lens clean?

It’s a pain, but as a temporary workaround, focus manually to get it in focus, switch off the auto focus and watch whatever you wanted to watch.

You probably already did that, but there are several other postings related to the autofocus, just search for “autofocus”. One useful tip is to put the PPX in presentation mode (brightest setting), which helps the sensor to focus on the pattern.

Good luck!