PicoPixMax in promotion

Hi everyone :wave:
Just found the PicoPixMax in promotion : 679€ (instead of 899€)
Coming from an official distributor
Here is the link for those who are interested :

Xiaomi is better with official google android at less price and most important with an official support

I don’t get the point of your comment in the way that this forum community was created to talk about the PPM, and not others pico models.
I didn’t see the Xiaomi model (you don’t even give the reference or technical information in order to compare to the PPM) but if it is better for your personal use, no pb ! Just don’t say ‘Xiaomi is better’. Eveyone has his own needs and opinion.

I’m just sharing an opportunity for those interested to buy the PPM a bit cheeper.
899€ is way to expensive we agree, but I’m so happy that I got mine from the Indiegogo campaign at about 500€ incl. taxes and shipping last year, even if it took a bit long to get it.

This amout was the maximum I could pay for a projector.
This is only my opinion, others could say that they were ready to pay much more or less. Everyone has is own personal point of view.

For my personal user PPM is just perfect, it fits exactly where I want, when I want, and do all I need.

Cheers !


For reliability ill stick with the max one and an xiaomi mi tv stick. That works flawless ( more easy than a chromecast because a bt remote so notca hassle to fiddle with your smartphone)