Picture Calibration Settings

I would like to start a picture calibration settings thread discussion. I only have the basic settings calibrated by eye. I am hoping someone will eventually share their full expert color and 11 point white balance calibration settings for SDR, HDR, and Dolby Vision

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So noone has a specific setup to propose? I’m sure you guys have, Come on ! Share your wisdom :pray:


Here my settings. The company that installed my screen did a color calibration. The RGB curve was not good by default.

I need to setup my i1 Display Pro with a software when I will have some free time so that I could try to refine more. Do you recommend a software ?

Profile: User

Color Temperature: User
R/G/B Gain:0

R: 48
G: 50
B: 50

11 Point Xhite Balance Correction
Gain: 100%
R: 50
G: 50
B: 18

DNR: off
MPEG NR: off
SDR to HDR: off
Adaptive Luma Control: off
Local Contrast Control: off
Flesth Tine: off
DI film mode: off

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Thank you so much for sharing this with us, i guess plenty are trying the setting out :+1:

Your welcome, for sure I would finally not be able to calibrate anything with the i1 display pro.

That is quite technical but from https://www.avsforum.com/, a post explains that laser technologiy from UST requires a colorimeter that supports a resolution of 5 nm (nanometer) and the i1 handles only 10 nm… it seems that 5 nm is a super pro colorimeter and cost a lot …