Picture sizing problem with HDMI display using chromecast


I have plugged my chromecast on the picomax and the picture’s correction that i have done in the picomax main menu is not applied when i switch to the HDMi source…It displays a trapeze out of the border of my wallscreen and i can’t do anything to adjust the image ratio…

When i go back to the main menu of picomax, display is good…(I ve used 4 corner adjustement in case it can help)

Are these settings not applied to other incoming source of display like HDMI?

IS there something i can do?

Thanks a lot for your help



Unfortunately, your suspicion is right. The 4 corner adjustment isn’t available for HDMI or USB-C sources. See this thread for more information about the limitations on external sources: INFO: Limitations of features for HDMI and USB-C inputs

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