Picture skewed for everyone?

Wherever I see the the pico picture is not a perfect rectangle…it’s irritating…
Anyone how to get the perfect look…?
Or is it too much of an effort

If the pictures you see are taken at an angle then it’s possible that the image may not look like a perfect rectangle.

The PPM image can also be less than a rectangle if the projector isn’t facing the surface being projected on head-on, if the keystone calibration is wrong or not working, if the PPM isn’t level, etc.

Keystone calib not working ? So what do we do then

If it’s not working you turn it on.

If it’s wrong you can calibrate it.

Hi @macsan0123 do you have the projector and can’t get a straight picture, or do you mean all the pictures people are posting don’t have a straight picture? If the latter, just ignore. If the former, check this: FAQ: Automatic Keystone Correction and also use the 4-Corner correction. Be aware that it’s almost always better to find a better placement first.


It was the latter…will do and in case u able to will take further tips from u…thx

Imp thing…dsnt it have had auto vertical and horizontal correction right if u keep it facing the screen?

Auto vertical: yes
Auto horizontal: no, please use manual 4-Corner Correction for this.

Got it…