Plans for Android 10! Is it possible?

Hi @PhilipsEngineering,

I wanted to check if there are plans during 2020, sometime 2021, to bring the projector to Android version 10. And perhaps with the upgrade address the GMS issue if Google decides to play nice, I mean.



I think it was stated on IGG that this is not part of the plan.

Depends on if google decides to play nice. I do not see any reason why this should not come if we get support.

If I remember correctly it’s not about “plan” (as plans could change) but used SoC doesn’t not support Android 10 (and that cannot be changed :frowning: ) - this is IMHO one of two mistakes Screeneo team should avoided

Hello @Roberto_Carlos we do not have plans to upgrade it to Android 10. The reason is the chip vendor provides support for a specific version of Android for a specific chip. Unlike a phone, there is generally no upgrade path to a different version of Android.

Furthermore, there is no possibility of adding Google Media Services, since the licensing terms do not allow this.