Playing from DVD player

I tried to use my PPM this week with a dvd player (HDMI) and whilst I had a picture, there was no sound, the player was fine with a TV. I’ve searched & not seen anything that talks to this, is there any reason why this didn’t work?

I think the DVD player might have been outputting multi-channel Dolby Digital audio over HDMI. You need to tell the DVD player to output stereo audio only for the PPM to pick it up. (unfortunately this audio negotiation/detection wasn’t part of HDMI)

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Cheers, just had the same on a fire TV stick, trailer worked fine but as soon as the actual movie started no sound??

Yep, managed to change from dolby digital to stereo on the fire TV stick film settings and got audio - thanks for the pointer, rather annoying though!


Trailer was probably only stereo to keep the file size small.

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That’s typically the case, yes.

Very, I think most TVs can accept at least the simplest multichannel Dolby Digital and mix to stereo. I believe that should be supported by the V56 chip used but it’s apparently not enabled. Maybe a license thing?

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great point - @PhilipsNono (sorry if you are not the right person, please feel free to redirect) - any ideas why stereo sound was not working from my HDMI input? I’ve tried a DVD player, a Roku box and a old-ish Amazon Fire stick - all had the same issue in that without intervention none of the movies played with sound & was not able to get the DVD working at all, pretty frustrating to be honest I’d expect it just to plug & play

I think that the DVD player may not be entirely compliant to the HDMI spec. I’m fairly sure that if you play a Dolby Digital 2.0 (stereo) track the DVD player should output PCM stereo through HDMI (which the PPM will be able to decode), not the original DD2.0 track. I’m not sure about downmixing a multi-channel track though, I thought all DVD players were supposed to be able to downmix at least Dolby Digital 5.1 into stereo or Lt/Rt, but this is something that has to be selected within the DVD player setup menu.

In any case it’s strange that the HDMI input of the PPM doesn’t even accept the most rudimentary age-old Dolby Digital stuff…