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Hi, I have not received my PPM yet but according to Backerkit it has been shipped, although I have not received an email to confirm and the tracking number is not showing anything, even after two days.

Anyway I think / hope it should be with me soon, however I am concerned about the reported DOAs and the issues being reported. Is there anyone who is happy with the device and is happy that they backed this project? I must admit my excitement has faded over the last month with original stated features not being possible and the amount of people requesting refunds.

That is typical of any social platform. You hear disgruntled people way louder than the satisfied ones. Except for a few enthusiast that are here to try to hack the thing, most happy backers are just away and watching movies, the few who got a DOA, and I am sorry for them, are rightfully making noise to try to gather attention.

Yes, completely understand that Hobbes. Once I receive mine I will look to give the positives alongside any negatives in the hope they can be addressed. This is my first projector, and I am not an expert on them, but I will look to give an honest review. Would just be nice for those that have received the projector and are happy with it to give the rest of us a more positive review. I am not aware of any independent reviews.

I agree this is somewhat unsettling. Mine is supposed to be on its way, and I’m not one to hold criticism (or praise) if it is deserved.

See my post here. There are a couple of reviews or at least real life videos of the projector in action :slight_smile:

I received mine in Dec and been playing with it off and on. First projector too so zero expectations. So far I’m happy with it since it works and I can get it to project. Learning as I go on. Sure it has some faults which others deem deal-breakers but those I can generally get over. Again no high expectations due to ignorance/inexperience so I think you just need to judge yourself.

I think, considering at this price point if you funded the project early, it is a good deal if PPM have what you need. Personally I am still happy with it however there are still many improvement areas. Though there are lots of suggestions going on, I think not everyone need all of them. It’s portable, small and fucntional, just consider what you need.

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Cheers guys, thanks for the replies.

Very much this. The “average user” or rather the “regular consumer” that might have seen the ad campaign and backed the project would be more or less invisible in a place like this until there’s a problem so of course there will be a bias towards “this doesn’t work” (compared to my case of “I’d like to take this to bits and then put it back together again”).

Philips Projection learns a lot from feedback in a forum like this, and I think it’s great that the issues that do crop up are in fact visible here for everyone to see. Some issues might be due to a simple user error and there can be a solution right here for the next user that ends up in the same situation. If it’s not a user error but a DOA unit and if the units in fact checked out OK in the factory (which they seem to have been) then there may be future improvements to packaging done for example. Having the issues available here closes the feedback loop very quickly and it may show that issues only shows up in some parts of the world for instance. Those are things that are very hard to trial before shipping a product, you’ll never know what kind of issues that shows up where you least expect it. From an engineering point of view those are typically the most interesting things to solve though!

My take on this is that Philips Projection/Screeneo did not anticipate this much feedback and issues and are “a bit” backlogged sorting out replacement PPMs. When you start mass production there’s typically a batch made that is marked for customer service use but I don’t think they’ve gotten to that point yet.

Remember though that this is consumer goods - nobody would be willing to pay the price for a unit that is 100.0% guaranteed not to fail, that’s military and/or space grade stuff for you. The cost of replacing x percent of the produced units under warranty is taken into account when the price of the goods is being set however.


Thank you this was very informative :+1:t2:

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