Possible to install third party apps not found in Aptoide?

First of all let me say that my PPM works perfectly and I even can use it to do 3D modellings with my computer as an huge second screen.

I want to know if it is possible to install regular Apps which cannot be found in Aptoide. I’m in Hong Kong and I have accounts for both HBO go Asia and Now TV Hong Kong. But the HBO Go I downloaded from Aptoide do not recognize my account. Actually it said HBG Go is not available in my region. Similar issue with Now TV.

I tried to use Google Play to install the apps. I can find the Apps but cannot find a way to install them. Seems that PPM is not recognized as a valid device.

I can use HBO go with my phone and use Chrome cast to project it with PPM as a temporary measure but still not convenient. No luck with Now TV Player.

Any help?


Sideloading apps should be possible.


Sideloading works! Thank you.

But the apps played in portriat view, i.e. sideways. Is there anyway to rotate it back into landscape view?

Great that it worked! There’s quite of lot of tips for the portrait/landscape problem in this thread, perhaps you can find help there.

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Thanks again. As recommended, I installed Set Orientation (Aptoide) and it works!!

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