Power Status / Low Power Warning on HDMI/USB

Power Status / Low Power Warning on HDMI/USB

Got a rude surprise when I was presenting when in the middle of the presentation the projector turned off. Turns out it was out of battery.

There was no on-screen warning. Had there been a warning, I would have connected the PSU.

Please add a togglable power status for External Sources.

Agreed. Those types of notifications has to be forwarded to the video processor. Unfortunately there seems to be no way of downloading new firmware to the “video chip” from the SoC, so only the engineers will know if they actually have a way of displaying a bitmap (with alpha) on top of external video. Hardware is capable of exactly that (like the volume indication).

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The power LED could possibly be made to rapidly blink to warn the user of this, alternating green / red for instance.

If I have traced the pins correctly the green LED is driven directly by the USB-C alt-mode IC (which is an isolated MCU with no communications with the main SoC), and the red/blue are both driven by the STAT pin of the charger IC, so none of them appears to be under software control, oddly enough.

But I 100% agree, a flashing red LED is a good indicator that you’re running out of battery REAL soon. Hopefully at least one person watching the presentation will notice it.