Power supply noisy


now it’s in the bedroom, I noticed that my picopix power supply is really noisy/whistly.
I’m not so confident in its durability.
How can I replace it ?



Hello, when my power supply is connected to my PPM, I can hear something like a whistle, but it comes from the PPM itself, and not from the power supply unit. Perhaps is it the same with yours?

I have the same problem. When projector is off, and fully charged but the power supply still connected, it makes an “electronic” noise, that is synced to the flashing light on the projector. The sound comes from the power adapter, not the projector.

It’s incredibly annoying, since I keep it in my bedroom and can’t listen to it when I try to sleep. It’s not “loud” but VERY noticable in a quiet room when your head is only a few meters from the power adapter.

I assume this is a defect, what is the process to get it replaced?

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That’s it. Same situation. And no idea how to get support.

I just submitted the request here : Submit a request – Philips Projection

I’ll let you know

I got a replacement adapter, but it has the same problem. Seems to be very poor quality adapters!?

Ouch. Sorry for you.
I also got a replacement.
And the new one totally solved the whistling problem !

Have the same problem, where did you asked for the replacement? Any email adress or online form?


I’m using Philips soundbar and it’s not working on low voltage. Is this power supply issue or something else? What I need to do?
Kindly provide me your advice. Thank you.

Bumping this, since I just got a brand new projector with new power adapter (because of battery waranty issue).

Even this 2021 model has the noisy adapter. VERY dissapointing! I have to physically unlplug the power adapter after every use because of the noise.

The noise is only there when the projector is OFF.