Powering Fire TV Stick through USB-port

The USB-A port on my PicoPix Max does not seem to provide enough current to power my Fire TV Stick (non 4k).

Measured with a USB power meter device, it seems to draw a maximum of 0.5A.

I have also tested by charging my phone (and other random USB devices) via the PicoPix Max’s USB-A port and the current output from the PicoPix Max does not exceed 0.5A.

Anyone else has a similar issue or maybe there is an issue with my PicoPix Max?

Ow, this would be very bad news.

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I had the same experience. I used the Fire TV Stick using the USB-A port of PicoPix Max, but it was unstable and could not be used because it restarted many times

Normally the FireTV Stick will consume less than 0.5A average, but the peak power consumption can be significantly higher (especially during firmware updates). Using the original cable one with equivalent wire thickness is important.

The fact that a phone only pulls 0.5A indicates that the USB-A port isn’t being detected as a Charging Downstream Port (CDP) or a Dedicated Charging Port (DCP), and therefore a compliant USB2 device is ONLY allowed to draw a max of 0.5A (a USB3 device can draw up to 0.9A if connected using a USB3 cable)

As the PPM is said to support Power Bank functionality one starts to wonder how this is implemented. At minimum CDP should be implemented or if there’s an option to disable data communications in the USB-A port then DCP can be indicated (D+ and D- shorted inside the PPM just like a regular power bank). Apple has their legacy 1A and 2.1A modes with resistors as well but DCP works with Apple devices these days as well.

Has anyone tried whether the USB-C ports can act like a power source? In that case the standard mandates a minimum of 1.5A of current to be available (which even my phone can supply without complaining).


Thanks for the detailed technical info! Learned a lot from your post. :slight_smile:

I don’t remember which was the original cable that Amazon provided. But the same cable that I am using now for the Fire TV Stick works with my power bank and TV but not on the PicoPix Max. It just gets stuck in an infinite boot loop (booting may have higher than normal power requirements).

Great! :slight_smile: USB power is a minefield and I’ve seen a LOT of broken implementations, especially when dealing with OTG and ACA (more TLAs for people that are not afraid of a headache).

Your cable seems to be capable so there’s definitely an issue with the VBUS load switches in the PPM. I hope they’re possible to adjust from firmware.

Another indicator that something might be fishy with the load switch setup @Philips_Support_P


It work for me even before the first update !! i try a roku and else work may be is your PPM

I am using a FireTV 4K plugged in and powered by PPM USB-A port. So far no issues. I am on update v25


Just bumping up this topic as there was no official answer from @Philips_Support_P :slight_smile:

I too am interested in using a fire stick or chromecast with the picopix max. If they cannot be powered through the projector itself, it defeats the mobility purpose a bit.

So in short, what can be powered through the picopix max? and via which port (usb a or c)?


Yes, the video port offers a relatively small amount of power to the connected device. I have yet to confirm what kind of power. Devices say “charging” though. (Also, the projector charging port seems to identify as a serial port device…)

This sounds interesting @wernerj.

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Yes that’s all kinds of interesting!

I will comment as soon as I have some verified info. Unfortunately without the China team we are struggling a bit to provide you clear answers. I’ve been traveling for a month now, but should be able to test this over the weekend.


Same here, FTV Stick 4K powered via USB-A from PPM started without any problems


this video @3:56 shows the power usage for Amazon Fire stick 4k,i am not sure about the old versions

The 2nd generation regular stick has a peak consumption above the usual 500mA USB current limit but typically only during firmware update, it will warn the user to use the 5V/1A adapter and USB cable shipped with the device. In the 4k case the consumption seems to be lower but the margins may be quite low.

My 2G firestick reboots regularily while browsing the main menu.
According to a cheap USB meter the current never exceeds 0.45A with normal around 0.30-0.35A.
Unless the spikes are so short the cheap meter isn’t showing them.

One of these days I’ll measure the stick current consumption at a higher sample rate and see. I’ve been told by “sources” that the current consumption is indeed highly intermittent, not enough space inside to fit enough capacitors but the shipping cable and power supply adapter combo never causes any issues.

My crappy years old LG kitchen tv doesn’t seem to have any issue powering the firestick either.

Also, the power supply Amazon provides with the firestick is made by LiteON, which isn’t exactly a no name Won Hung Lo brand.

I have a small Toshiba TV that powers the stick just fine as long as I don’t perform firmware updates, that causes the stick to restart, so it’s very much a hit or miss.

Had to go check and yes, mine is also a LiteON (LO P/N: PA-1050-9AZ2). 5.25V / 1A so they make sure to have as much voltage margin as they can get away with. I have a feeling the voltage is significantly lower out of the PPM.