PPM Bulb Doesn't go on

My PPM has developed a fault when I turn it on the bulb no longer comes on at all. The fans go on and I can hear the autofocus activating but there is no picture at all. The projector is not connected to any device and I have tried the factory reset using the pin hole at the side.

Is there anything else for me to try or does the unit need to be sent back for repair ?

I have a similar problem watching youtube or movies, the screen turns off after a while, but the sound continues. When you restart the device, everything worked again until a certain time, when the screen turns off again, and you have to restart again. It seems to me that the fault is in the bulb, or it can be fixed in some of the future updates … I don’t know. Can anyone help?

I think it is a fault in the driver board so the leds are not coming up. Or a problem with the temperature sensor…