PPM charger noise

My PPM charger makes a low volume-high pitched noise when plugged in. I don’t know if it’s normal nor dangerous or if anyone has the same issue.

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I experience this when the battery is fully charged.

Sounds like pulse-skipping in low to no load scenarios, not uncommon and not dangerous, annoying at most. Some people are more sensitive to it that others, some units may be louder than others.

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Sounds like transformer coilwhine

Just about anything with a power source can create coil whine to some degree, but it’s usually caused by an electrical current going through a power-regulating component like a transformer or inductor, causing its electrical wiring to vibrate at a variable frequency

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Okay thanks. Anyway to fix it easily? Like hammering it on the floor or whatsever?

Not recommended… I haven’t received mine yet but I have several similar wall adapters, none of them are possible to disassemble non-destructively (and disassembly of mains powered equipment is dangerous). There’s nothing you can improve from the outside.


I have a question:
I am uncertain about the adapter.

Here is the situation:
I almost never charge any device over night. In my opinion could be bad for the battery.
I’ve had an evening after watching with the PPX that I forgot to unplug the adapter.
When I woke up I see the blue light on the PPX that it is charged but the adapter is making noise.
Noise like, there is current flowing through it.

I have checked by unplugging the cable but keeping the adapter in the wall outlet. No noise.
So my guess is there is still current flowing to the ppx even tho it is fully charged?

Is this normal? I am uncertain and am not a fan of the sound it makes.

thanks in advance

I’m experiencing the exact same thing. I have to unplug it every night, because when it gets quiet at night I can hear the buzzing sound. Which gets annoying when its really quiet and you unconsciously focus on it.

Hi guys! My ppm charger is also showing this behavior. High pitch noise (similar to a mosquito buzzing)

I also have this problem. Tried to record the noise with a mobile phone.
Is there any way to fix this @Philips_Support_P ?