PPM for Software Development/Coding/Programming

Curious if any PPM owner tried SW development/coding related IDE’s/Tools/Terminal using ppm as secondary screen via mirroring or any other possible way?
How was the experience in terms of brightness, color and text/font clarity?
Is there any optimal setting suggested for this?

I tried this.
But kinda switched back to a real monitor because the projected image is too big for me :slight_smile:
On the other hand, there’s another thing where PPM is perfect for me: Video conferences (Zoom, Handouts) or displaying some monitoring screens (server monitoring, statistics and such)


Sorry! forgot to tell my configuration.
Windows Laptop, PPM connected with HDMI cable to my laptop.
Wireless mirroring works, the lag is very annoying though. Might be ok for PowerPoint presentations, but not for writing code. So HDMI it is!

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