PPM hangs while playing video

Is any one facing the hanging issue in PPM? Mine was hanged few times?
When it hanged the remote or mouse pad doesn’t respond. Then I need to hold the power button on the device for 10 seconds+ to switch it off and starts again.
This happens several times while playing movie in Prime and one time in Netflix.
No HDMI devices plugged.

Hello @Gopinathan_Mani are you using the latest software V1.1.03?

Are you using Presentation mode?

Does the audio keep playing when the freeze happens?

I am using mostly Energy Saver mode sometimes Normal mode but not presentation mode.

Yes I am using the latest software 1.1.03.

Yes the audio keep playing. But sometimes it freezes everything, nothing played and nothing heard.

I ve got the same issue. Normal mode, netflix,latest software, sound keeps working

Yes i had the same issue in 1.1.02. Presentation mode plugged into power. Using Netflix. For me, no audio though. No remote controls worked. No power or any other controls worked on the unit. Had to push power button ~8 seconds for it to shut off. I am updating to 1.1.03 now.

Yep I have the same issue.


Any ideas?

I have a similar problem. I updated to the latest firmware couple of days ago and had noticed that the video freezes during playback from external hard drive using USB and today it completely froze, i am now trying to turn off the projector but the Fan and the bulb is not turning off where as the software has shut down.

Even hard shutdown is not working. I am now waiting for the charge to run down and hoping that restarting the projector would work.