PPM screen freeze terrible noise during Netflix play

My PPM froze during Netflix play, screen froze and speakers made a terrible noise. Hard-reset the unit to get rid of the problem. What could be the issue? It has only happened once, but if it can happen to me it can surely happen to others.


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It will happen on android phones sometimes, i think it is a Netflix app problem. :no_mouth:

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How do you perform a hard reset?

Press and hold power button till it restarts.


Happens quite often although not always with the same behavior. Having the “stuck” sound/noise is quite rare. What usually happens to me is the video stops while the sound continues to play. Whenever this happens, I know I need to restart otherwise, trying to play again will completely freeze the system. Also sometimes when it happens, the projector doesn’t completely shut down if you try to and would need a hard reset. It seems to be indeed a problem with Netflix since it doesn’t happen with youtube.

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I also experienced this issue: playing my first movie on Netflix, halfway through the movie the screen freezes, while the sound continues. After going back to the home screen, then run Netflix again I got an error message ‘Cannot access Netflix service’. Only resolution was to restart the PPM, after which I was able to use Netflix again. Hopefully it was one of those ‘glitches’.

I experienced this horrible noise when i connected the PPM to my PC via hdmi.
I dont know what caused this, but it was scary :rofl: