PPM Switches To Battery Mode While Plugged In

I’ve been using my PPM for about a week and all in all I’m quite happy with it!

My main gripe is that the PPM will switch over to Battery mode and show the blue light while plugged into wall power socket. I notice it as the screen goes black and comes back with less light with the blue status light on (Battery mode). If I take out and insert the USB-C plug or the power plug from the wall again the PPM goes back to powered mode, screen goes black, comes back with more light and shows the red status light.

This seems to happen every 2-15 minutes, I ended up timing it but couldn’t find a real pattern. I expect it’s when the battery is fully charged… it moves into battery mode instead of battery bypass/power mode. I keep having to get up every 10 minutes or so and re-plug the power to get the powered light mode back.


  • PPM on V1.0.25
  • PPM on power from wall socket
  • Using supplied charger and cable
  • Tried different sockets + with/without extension cable
  • Happens on Energy Saver and Normal mode (never use Presentation mode)
  • Happens when streaming content via dutch Ziggo Go app + Plex + Netflix (my use cases)

@Philips_Support_P Any clue about this? Has this been reported more and any way this can be investigated?


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