PPX screen goes black 1-2 times while watching a movie

I’ve got this really annoying thing where the screen goes black every hour or so. The PPX is correctly mounted for airflow and the original power cable is connected always. I can reset the projector by turning it off and on again but it’s really annoying and I feel like it’s happening more and more. I read the manual and searched the forums but didn’t find anything I’m doing wrong.

Anyone else experiencing the same thing? Any tips for making it go away?

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Hi @mouseman, does it happen in the middle of watching something, without your input? Or does it only happen when you go to the home screen?

If it’s the latter, you may need to perform a Cable restore procedure.

Hi @Philips_Support_P and thanks for a swift response.

Yes, it happens when I’m watching something. I don’t know what you mean “without your input”. It happens from time to time whether the input source is HDMI or an app, like Netflix.

I’ve never had the black screen happen right that second while I do something (i.e. go to home screen). It just goes black fairly regularly while I use the projector.

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I have the same problem when I connect it to macbook pro, either on original usb-c cable or HDMI. after 4-5 minute it goes black.

I have the same problem from time to time

@Philips_Support_P as I’m not the only one with this problem, is this something that is fixable or is my unit defective?

Hi, I have encountered similar issues:
When presenting a slideshow with my MacbookPro, either with USB cable or with Airplay,
When watching Netflix (Aptoid) or connected to Mac.
Usually within 30’ to 60’ the projector kills the projector light. The blue signal is on, the computer is still in projecting mode. Usually I have to shutdown the projector and restart it all over again.
Very annoying in a professional setting.

@Philips_Support_P it happens in the middle of projecting, with or without cable. No interaction from my part. The image (the light source) just shuts down, without warning.

@Hippo65 Yes, I have the same exact problem, just like you described.

@Philips_Support_P Have you any news on the topic?

@Hippo65 Can I ask you what mode do you use? Because I always used presentation mode and I noticed the projector got pretty hot. Now I’ve switched to normal mode and the projector is noticeably cooler and I haven’t had the blacking out happening in two nights. Might be too early to tell if that’s what it was about but maybe if you can confirm that you, too, use presentation mode, it might point us in the right direction?

@Philips_Support_P Can you confirm that the PicoPix Max has trouble with temperature in presentation mode when used say, over 30 minutes or an hour?

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Hi ! The same for me. Today I did a course with presentations and my computer connected with an HDMI cable. Picopix turned black several times. I changed mode, presentation to normal, picopix was less hot but continued in the afternoon to turn black several times.
It’s very annoying at work.

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This is not the case. So no hard reset. Looking forward to read a reply on our comments.

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After three days of classes with picopix, I can say that the problem occurs when I plug in my computer via HDMI cable.

The first two days I was with the computer. Many unpleasant stops! On the third day I decided to transfer everything to a hard drive and read the videos and presentation directly from the USB socket. There were no cuts during the day.

the HDMI interface is useless… it’s very restrictive for work and other uses. it limits the performance of picopix max.

@Philips_Support_P any help?


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I dont know if this will help alot, but may this helps Phillips to Research on this Problem.
I used a PPX4835 for more than a year now. And it has the exact same Problem. It went black during watching netfllix or Disney+. But only when it was connected via HDMI to Macbook or Lenovo-NB AND(!!) when plugged in the charger aswell.
If unplugged the loader, this Problem never occoured.
I hope, my PPM wont continue with this Problem, but due to the apps i may wont need to use Macbook/NB anymore.
good luck with finding the issue!

what do you mean by loader?

Hello Marius,

sorry but english isnt my main language as i come from Austria.
I sometimes use the wrong words for the english meaning.
Loader in this case means charger. Sorry if this leads to any confusion:)

Charger isn’t the issue. Screen went black with projector working on battery. HDMI on Mac might be the issue .

I also had the problem with a hp and a lenovo-laptop connected via hdmi aswell. funny thing is, if watching any series or stuff from a mediathek of local tv-stations, i didnt have those blackscreens. Mostly when using netflix or disney-plus. So i thought the reason could be drm or anything like this? But as said, it was on my 4835. so this was just an additional input to problems with the ppm.

@Philips_Support_P and @PhilipsNono It looks like this is an issue affecting multiple users. Could you please inform us on how you’re processing these remarks and if and when and how you’re looking into the problem?
Thank you.

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