PPX320 - old menu without casting option and no way to update

I bought PicoPix 320 and from the beginning I’ve been running into issues.

The box contained only:

  • the projector
  • the adaptor from HDMI Mini to HDMI
  • the USB micro to USB A charging cable

Even though later on i watched a few tutorials and all said it comes with a tripod, my box did not have one.

Later on, again following the tutorials as well as the official docs, I tried to cast content from my phone to the device via Wifi. However, I could not do it, because my menu on the device looks very different than the one everywhere else on the internet, and does not have an option to connect to wifi/start casting.

Then, I thought it must be due to outdated firmware - so I followed the officials docs (https://support.philipsprojection.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016305219-How-to-update-the-software) to upgrade it.
Option one was to use the wifi, which, due to the origin of the issue, of course wouldnt work for me.
Another option was to use the Micro SD (where my device does not have a slot for one), or a USB stick…

So I went to a shop, bought Micro USB - USB A (mother) adaptor, then downloaded the newest upgrade version, put on a USB A stick, connected to the projector, used the “upgrade firmware” from the very minimalistic menu and… it showed me “USB not connected” message.

Kindly please support as I’m going crazy here.



There are 2 version of the PPX320: the colored or black version, with a brown packaging which comes with the accessories you mentioned and now Wifi.
The previous version was coming with a tripod, wifi and charger.

Can you tell us the if your packaging was brown or colorful?
tanks for your help,