Problems contacting Philips concerning PPM

I was hoping to clearify if I am the only one who isn’t getting any respinse of Philips whatsoever. I emailed them about when my PPM would be send to me, the only response I got was “It will be shipped in the beginning of april”.

Now I’ve seen in another shipping topic that a few tracker codes were send to The Netherlands (the country where I live and ordered) but i haven’t gotten mine… I hope that contacting Philips via this way will result into a solution, I backed this project in mid Octobre and my backernumber is 8530.

I hope more people will gather here if they specifically want to ask Philips for more information concerning their PPM

You can check for yourself to see if your projector is already on it’s way. It might well be, your IGG contribution number (backernumber) is around the numbers that were sent in the latest shipment. There are two steps:

  1. Find out what your Backerkit Backer ID # is according to the instructions in this thread: Demystifing Numbers (Indiegogo, Backerkit etc.)
  2. Check the list referenced in the post linked here below and see if that number is in there. If the Backer ID # is in the list, your projector is part of the latest shipment and you should get your tracking code shortly, if you haven’t already.
    General info about shipment and manufacturing

If your Backer ID # isn’t in the list, your projector hasn’t been shipped yet and the best you can do is wait and follow the news in the summary thread: Latest News Updates Summarized .

Edit: the list of shipped backer ID’s was updated on 6th April. Be aware that the list only reflects the situation as it is right now - we don’t know whether Screeneo intends to update that list or inform about future shipments in other ways.

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hello! Thanks for sharing your information! However, If i go to the indiegogo listing, i see numbers with 8 figures. My backerkit only has 5? its 16397. Where do I find the 8 figure number? Since that is being posted in the excel list!

Thanks in advance!

Please see this thread for help with the different numbers: Demystifing Numbers (Indiegogo, Backerkit etc.)

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