Projector forgets toneburst setting

Hi, I have had the projector (PicoPix Max One X520) for quite some time now and have been experimenting with different picture adjustment settings to get the right image.

I recently updated to version 1.3. (Also had issues with this but it randomly works when I recently updated - had to use a USB stick with xFat format… and had the position of the settings set to center if that helps anyone)

Also just for anyones reference - my picture settings are set to (tried to set them for Horror Movie)
Picture preset: User
Picture adjustment:

  • Brightness: 54
  • Contrast: 40
  • Saturation: 50
  • ToneBurst: 95 (see issue below - Value is also high due to reds showing as Pink)
  • Sharpness: 50
    Colour Temp: Standard

I have found that when setting my toneburst and then turning off the projector, it seems to forget about it when I turn it back on. I normally have to go and toggle the toneburst value for it to set the correct tone burst level.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Turn on projector and make sure its running v1.3
  2. Set the tonebrust to a value of choice - make sure you can see a difference, either set it all the way to 100 or to 0 to see a massive difference.
  3. Turn off the projector
  4. Turn on the projector and check the tone burst value - It should remember the value that you set but would not have changed the picture colours
  5. Now toggle the value left and right, you could now see the image change… therefore to my understanding, the projector remembers the value but does not set the value unless toggled when booted.

@Philips_Support_P @Philips_Support_N @Philips_Support_S @Philips_Support_T
This really needs to be fixed in the next software update if possible

If anyone is aware of any workarounds please let me know