Projector lamp flashes on/off randomly

I think I might have a defective unit. Starting today the projector keeps flashing on/off while I am either in HDMI mode, Android Mode, etc. It is connected to USB-C Power 65 watts and nothing else is out of the ordinary.

Here is the video I took of this happening:

I assume you are positive that the lamp turns itself off.

I am asking because I had a few cases (not nearly as often as that) when the pico flashed a black picture when feeding in an HDMI signal. In my case the leds stayed on, it just went black. Could be a signal integrity issue, although the device was a firestick plugged straight in the back of the pico (and powered by its power supply).

This can happen due to two primary reasons:

  • The HDMI signal is not stable, as @Hobbes said.

  • The charger is not able to supply enough power so it’s switching between battery and AC power. There’s a momentary flash when this happens as the picture is readjusted. Are you using a cable that can handle 65W power? Are you using the supplied power adapter?

Sorry - I left the office before testing it again, but the adapter that was plugged in was a 65 Watt PD GaN adapter - the battery was low during that time and I have used that GaN adapter numerous times with this projector at home. So I guess that the projector needs to be fully charged with this adapter, because this is the first time for it to act up like this.

I will try to test it again either today or tomorrow if I have a chance.

Thank you,