Projector placement question

Hello: I have a question about the placement of the projector. I currently have the projector on a tripod stand with height adjustment option. Tripod stand is sitting right in front a fireplace. I would like to put the projector on the fireplace decor to eliminate the need to use the tripod stand. However, the height of the fireplace decor is such that I cannot project the screen to the wall vertically no matter how hard I try. It seems that the a portion of the screen always ends up on the ceiling. I had hoped that the manual keystone adjustment that comes with this new update will solve that problem for me. Unfortunately, it did not. Is there any other settings that would allow me to project to the screen to a vertical wall no matter how low or high the projector is placed?


Place it on the tripod on the fireplace, then angle it down. The automatic vertical keystone correction will fix the image so that you’ll have a proper image on the wall.