Projector won’t work


I have a Philips Pico Pix Max. The projector refuses to turn on or work. The only time I get any indication of the projector working is when I plug the USC-C into the Video port where the green light shows. What can I do?


Hi @Jamiehoughton1

here are some troubleshooting options:

  1. Are you using the original USB-C cable and power adapter that came with your PicoPix Max?
  2. When you try to charge it (plugging into the USB-C POWER port), does the LED light up at all?
  3. Do you have any other USB-C charger that you can try, to rule out a defective charger?
  4. Can the PicoPix Max charger + cable charge another USB-C device (e.g. your phone)?

These should help us identify the problem.