Question about the zoom

Hey guys i have a question. Can you make the screen bigger and smaller?

I need to know this because my wall is very small and i want to make the screen smaller

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Yes, there is a digital zoom for internal content. You can set it as low as 80%.

Note: zoom won’t work for content from HDMI/USB-C, only for video from internal apps (netflix, etc).

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And you can also use 4-corner correction to make the screen even smaller.

However if possible, I suggest moving the projector closer to the wall. You’ll retain the full quality and 1080p resolution, and the picture will be brighter. You can use it then on Eco mode with the quieter fan.

Regarding placement, you can place it on a small table or even the ground, then use the tripod to point the projector up and project at a comfortable height. The automatic tilt correction will also work for HDMI or USB-C sources and results in minimal quality loss.