Questions about the VLC and Firefox apps

Hi all, couple of questions about the built in VLC app.

  1. I’ve opened the app and gone into the page titled ‘Stream’ and I can’t figure out how to go back to the first page. If I use the back button on the remote it goes to the Android homescreen, if I use the menu button on the remote is shows me only the ‘refresh option’ and if I use the pointer to click on the hamburger menu it does nothing.

  2. What I want to do is play a file from my laptop and stream it to the VLC app, will the app even work for that?

  3. Firefox has a feature called “send tab to device”. I’ve logged in on both the PicoPix Max and the and my Laptop but the feature doesn’t seem to work - anyone else had success?

  4. In Firefox (or any other app) how do you type non-English characters. Holding down the OK button on the remote does show them eg. ø for o, but it seems impossible to select one. It’s an issue if you live in København!

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