Random crashes (projector returns to Home screen) when using Google Cast with YouTube video

If I stream the following video from the Android YouTube app on my phone to the PPM projector, using Google Cast, the Google Cast player app on the PPM randomly crashes after 2-3 minutes of playback:

I haven’t seen the crashes with other videos yet (although I don’t use Google Cast much, because the framerate is awful, ~10fps, and the framerate is uneven).

Is this the right place to report bugs like this? Do the engineers working on the PPM actually see these messages?

Firmware 1.0.25.

@PhilipsEngineering is the right guy to talk to about this issue.

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Hi @lukehutch thanks for reporting the problem. Yes we do regularly check the forums (past 2 days we had meetings though).

I will look into this problem and get back to you.


@PhilipsEngineering My youtube app keeps crashing after I download from the app and after i click sign in, and it crashes and goes back to homepage. Please kindly advise why???

Which Youtube app do you refer to? Are you using the one that’s preinstalled on the PPX or have you download Google’s own Youtube app?

The one preinstalled is S youtube, I got a webpage error despite wifi being connected and I could watch netflix or surf firefox.

So I downloaded a YouTube from the apitode app. That’s the one that keeps crashing.

Seems like both S YouTube and downloaded YouTube ain’t working for me:/

Google’s own Youtube app won’t work, since the projector doesn’t have the Google Play services it depends on. You can delete that app and forget about it.

I didn’t have any problems with the S-Youtube app, so I have no experience of fixing it. What was the error message you got?


When I received mine, I started it, updated everything but the Netflix App. That means I also updated the S YouTube app.
The updated S YouTube App is working for me without any problems (only had one error message the first time I tried to broadcast a youtube clip from my phone, but only happened once)

From what I gathered on this forum on several threads, using the preinstalled and updated S YouTube App is the way to go.

Hi @Cindy_Yeo you can always download the latest S Youtube app from here: