Random Stuttering Playing Video File

I had observed this problem when playing video file via the VLC app on the PPMax. There would be random stutter / jerk / lost frames for a fraction of a second. There is no break in audio. Only the image suddenly jumps a fraction of a second forward. Randomly. Attached below is a sample video. Observe the stutter / jerk / lost frames at 4 seconds. (Note - ignore the resolution of the video because I had to downscale it for a smaller file size for uploading here.)

It can happen randomly regardless of whether the file is played from internal memory, microSD card or USB 3 harddisk.

I discovered that the problem seems to have stopped after I turned OFF the Auto Keystone in PPMax settings. I am not sure. I will need to do more tests for longer periods to confirm.

If you have this issue of random stuttering, perhaps you can test if turning OFF the Auto Keystone will work for you. Do share your findings.


Having the same issue: Video stuttering issues with latest firmware

I’m fairly confident that it’s due to auto-keystoning happening too aggressively. And at least in my case only started happening after updating to v1.0.25.

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Good catch, make sure the projector is on a stable surface. If it’s on the bed, e.g., it might move slightly and trigger the auto keystone correction.

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Speaking of that, there is no user accessible way to zero the keystone as of today, except for placing the projector on a flat surface and hoping no tolerances/rounding get in the way. Correct?

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Hi @Dobs, thank you. Looks like we are having the same issues indeed.

Hi @Philips_Support_P,

I’m having the same issue and mine’s mounted to a stable surface – tripod-mounted to a wall with a stabilizing platform, aimed down about 20 degrees. Can confirm it’s stable because I had to mark the corners to manually keystone. It makes the issue more apparent since the image shifts slightly each time this auto-keystoning bug occurs.

It’s planned for the next update. Manual Vertical Keystone in HDMI mode

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If it’s stationary anyway, as a workaround just turn auto keystone off. It’ll keep the current value.

That’s what we’re doing for now, but we want to be able to use it portably and without auto keystoning that’s a pain.

Edit: Also turning off auto-keystoning doesn’t lock it to an angle as of this update: It turns off keystoning entirely and requires manual adjustment.

I bought a SanDisk Ultra 512 Gb MicroSD card for my PicoPix Max and was able to run a 3 GB + video file with no problems off the card. Some cards are not rated to provide the throughput necessary to smoothly run large video files, but no problems here.

Thanks for sharing. I was using SanDisk Ultra 128GB and Extreme 128GB for this test.

It will stutter even when in hdmi mode. Turning off auto keystone ‘solved’ the issue.

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