Red/blue light flashing - PPM working

We’ve been using the PPM for a few days and really happy with it.

One concern is that when plugged in (in use or not) the red/blue light is flashing continuously.

The PPM does charge fully. I am using the correct USB port for charging, with the charger and the provided cable.

I have tried a few outlets around the house.

I’ve noticed a faint whistling sound coming from the charger, not sure if that could become an issue?

Could that be software related? Can I reset the PPM in some way?


The flashing LED (and possibly also the whistling sound) indicates that there is a problem with the power adapter. See this thread: INFO: What do the different LED colours mean? Are you using the charger and cable that came with the PPM?

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Yes I do use both cable and adapter from the box.

I have checked the article and I definitely have the red/blue light flashing.

However the unit is charging, could it only be an issue with the adapter or cable?

I don’t think have a charger in the house that could provide enough power to test it out unfortunately.
I have a MacBook from 2019, 30W charger with the following specs so I don’t think that will do

If the unit works well and you have no other problems with it, it could well be only the charger and/or the cable that is the problem. I don’t think that the Apple charger is powerful enough to use with the PPM, but you could try and see if that helps. Worst case scenario is that nothing happens, which will make us no wiser.

Ok, everything seems to be working now!

We let the PPM run on battery tonight (it was still flashing red/blue earlier)

It went down to 15%, then I plugged it in. And now the light stays red, no flashing. No more whistling sound from the charger either.

I’m going to let it charge fully and see what happens.

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I have same issue (see post here). Let us know if your issue is fully fixed later on

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I received mine a few days ago and noticed the same symptoms:

  • Flashing red/blue light while plugged in.
  • High-pitched sound/signal that changes with the color of the LED
  • Charging to 100%
  • Using correct USB-C port, with supplied cable and charger

What should I do?