Refund because of poor software


Please see the following mail on January 23, with no answer yet, sent to Philips Projection

I received my picopix last week and I’m so disappointed. I had a lot of hopes in August 2019, but all of them are gone. Please let me know how to proceed to return it, and get a refund.

I could honestly complain during hours, the software is so bad that’s unbelievable (I’m using the latest .025 version). I can promise you that I’ll never use the projector.

Some examples (but not all): cast functionality can not be used (I thought it was going to be similar to a Chromecast but is absolutely not. Netflix lags a lot while watching movies, Kodi is not supported (against what you said during initial product introduction). Youtube is not supported either (we have to use another APK), because you don’t use android which I thought you were going to as well …

Contribution ID 3658
Contribution Date August 27, 2019


Just a quick note - no-reply@-mailadresses are mostly dummy adresses not being read - therefor they state “no-reply”.

LOL which is the case for all email addresses with that name :smiley:

On a serious note, I guess you have so much expectation and too little tolerance to issues but of course you have every right to refund. But if you can’t refund soon, then use it for now and see how the software improves :wink:

Hello @gourvat, all the features you mentioned do work on PicoPix Max. If you like, we can help you.

If you want to return it anyway, please email The address you used ( is not from us.

@Philips_Support_P Hi,

I have followed the procedure you’ve sent by email ( and and asked me to (e.g. send back the picopix via fedex with your printed shipping label, on 4.14.20).

I haven’t heard back from you (philips support) since then, just logged in Fedex via the tracking number and just realized that the delivery was refused by recipient ? How on earth is that possible ?

Fedex tracking number is 777998534635

Please let me know what’s next.
I want my money back asap, if not looks like a scam and I will have to act as is.


Hello @gourvat please reply to the last email you have between you and This will re-open the ticket and a member of the support staff will take a look at it.