Remote Control Stopped Working

Not sure what happened, but the bluetooth connectivity of my remote stopped working. I unpaired and paired it again. I can use the IR from the year no problem…but not bluetooth which means quite limited function.

When I press any button on the remote it flashes red 5 times.

I did a few searches, didn’t find any answers. I’m on the latest update.

Any suggestions?

Could you try using a new set of batteries to rule out that the ones you have are a bit low in charge, enough to power the IR but perhaps not enough to power the Bluetooth?

The pairing works if I read you correctly, it’s just not doing anything after?

Did you unpair and pair it only by clicking the options in the Bluetooth screen?

Can you try doing the full pairing by press-holding the OK and vol-down button, as described here: How to pair the AirMote?

I have heard from a few people on 1.0.26 they had to pair the remote again after updating.

Yes, I thought that too, I did try fresh batteries, same.

Hi Prashant,

Yes, I did unpair and pair again, and it hasn’t had an effect. It seems to pair successfully, says it’s connected. But when I click on any button of the remote I get 5 red flashes (on the remote LED). Is this a specific code?

Try unpairing, turning Bluetooth off on the PPM, taking the batteries out of the remote for 30 seconds, then putting them back in, turning on Bluetooth, then pairing again as linked to above

If it still doesn’t work after that, you might need to gather some logs for the technical team to look at.