Remote IR control - Back cover slideout

Many time while I’m using the original Remote IR control of PicoPix Max, the back cover of the remote easily slideout and open the it
It’s a fault of my part, or it happens also to other owners?
How did you solve it? (I don’t want use glue tape on the remote)

Must only be yours because mine takes some effort to make it open, I have to really push down on it and slide for it to open

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I can concur, it takes some effort to open normally. Did the cover lip break perhaps?

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Hi Ivo,
I can’t see any broken lips or belt parts. It was like that just after opened from the package.
To open it the first time, to install the battery, it didn’t required any effort.
When you hold it in one hand, any time you use weak force to push a button, it caousethe back cover slideout and open the remote.

Can I ask for a replacement?
Do you wan a video?


The same for me. It requires some strength to open it.


Of course you can ask, I just don’t know if or where we would have these in stock at the moment / near future.
I suggest you write to with your inquiry, and in the meantime use a piece of scotch tape to keep it in place.

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I also concur re: remote is ridiculously hard to open. Maybe it’s just the first time, but had I not seen a photo of the back off, I would have given up on trying to open like any other remote (Push in, pull back cover) and forced it open with a knife. Ridiculously hard. I had to set it on a hard surface and place all my weight on my thumb in the cover indent and FINALLY it moved backward enough to let me pry it off. I hope I don’t have to go through this every time.

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