Remote: no PLAY/PAUSE button?

So it looks like I might be relying on the built-in Android apps/system to play content, since there’s no digital zoom or BT audio when using HDMI input. How is there no PLAY/PAUSE button on the remote?? I have to activate the arrow cursor, then aim at the tiny pause button in the corner.

FURTHERMORE, there is no way to hide the cursor once I’ve resumed playing! You have to wait 5+ seconds for it to fade away, and only after it stops moving (i.e. I have to physically put the remote down and not move it for 5 seconds, otherwise the cursor keeps refreshing and staying visible).

Any hope a Play/Pause button can be integrated OTA by, say, double-pressing the OK button?

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Welcome to the forum. You can cancel the air mouse feature by pressing one if the arrow keys:)

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Normally the OK button doubles as the play/pause button. But when the mouse is active the OK button is disabled. It’s a good idea to change the OK button to be the play/pause button when the mouse is active, I’ll look into it.


Yes please find a way to somehow get a play/pause button in the remote. I think media controls are the most important things missing in the remote…input source is close second :smiley:

This is a big problem on apps that don’t use the OK for pausing/playing like Netflix.


I totally agree.
Seems like a huge oversight to be watching the native Netflix app and have no intuitive method of playing/pausing.


Thank you, please keep us updated.