Remote picopix PPX4935

Hello everyone,

I have lost when traveling my Picopix PPX4935 remote, the app Philips allowing the user to control the projector via wifi no longer exist and I cannot find any answers on how to find a new remote… Any help ?

  • would universal remote work ?
  • where can I buy another remote compatible with my model ?
  • reseller ?

Thanks !

I had the same issue - after a lot of research and a couple of purchases from amazon on “universal” remotes I didn’t find a perfect solution… I recall it was very difficult to mimic the “ok” button, to be able to cycle between 4 corner keystone etc.

The solution - I emailed philips support… and they sent me a replacement free of charge. This may have been because i was an early indigogo backer - or maybe I caught them on a good day… try :wink:

Thanks for the answer ! I contacted customer service but they were not able to help… I’ll try again !

then i may have been due to being an early backer… but to my knowledge they dont offer one for purchase, in any region either, so maybe try to offer to buy, and see if its gets to a department that offers it or a replacement