Remote with keyboard

Hi all…
Yesterday i received my PicoPix Max and i must say i am verry happy.
Good quality but a terrible remote controler.
I am looking for a remote with keyboard and i am hoping some of you already tested some.
There is not much to find and i can buy a remote for mediaboxes with keyboard but i am not sure they will work correctly.

I was trying to connect a old iphone 5s true bluetooth and then i downloaded a few apps but non of them will connect and work as a remote so that isn’t working.

I don’t think the remote is terrible. It’s not full of features and missing media controllers but it works fine in my experience.

I have this and works well. It use a USB dongle though and of course a lot bigger and heavier than the included remote.

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I have used this one with my Nvidia shield.

Rechargeable internal batter, keyboard and air mouse (not gyro).

It’s pretty good.

Wechip 2.4G Smart TV Wireless Keyboard Fly Mouse W1 Multifunctional Remote Control for Android TV Box/PC/Smart TV/Projector/HTPC/All-in-one PC/TV (Black)

Any bluetooth keyboard should work fine.

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since I lost my remote and I haven’t gotten a response from Philips on a replacement cost, I have decided to use my Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse to control the unit. As I stated in another post, the font and screen resolution used is too small to be usable.

@AndrewMD, I’m aware of your case. Just FYI that until Feb 10th our China office is totally closed (well, some of them start working from home from Monday). Due to this everything is on hold: return pickups, replacements, spare parts, software updates… everything. That’s why the delay. Normally replacements are shipped same day otherwise.

Sounds good

Is there an app that works with smartphones to supplement the basic remote sent with the unit? The range of reception is very limited and the controls are minimal. I downloaded the Philips app that works with the PicoPix, but it does not connect with my PicoPix Max.

I don’t think there’s an app that works but most bluetooth/wireless remote works.
Also, you mention very limited receptions so I assume you haven’t paired it via bluetooth?

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That app was not designed for the PicoPix Max , if you look at the version history it was last updated 4 years ago