Replacement unit requires custom clearance


I have received my projector in EU in July, but then it turned out that it was faulty (doesnt charge past 20% battery charge) and I was instructed to ship it back. The defect was confirmed and new projector was shipped last week from Hong Kong. I live in Lithuania, which is EU. Now I have to custom clear it, and the customs wants me to pay 94€ in custom taxes. So what about that? Am I supposed to just pay that for a replacement?

I’m missing ANY reply from Philips support (, sent multiple emails a whole week.

Because if it turns out I need to pay such amount (its like 15% of total cost of projector!) for fixing the faulty product of Philips, I dont need such item at all.

Have the same issue. I paid de taxes still waiting on reply for a refund of the taxes for weeks now.