Restricted country? Need a work around

First time posting and very patient customer. I read somewhere that the device cannot ship to Gibraltar for some reason… can you please explain this to me

Thank you

@PhilipsIvo @PhilipsNono

We created a summary thread so nobody has to hunt down information but instead can find it in one convenient spot. You can easily find this thread by clicking on the News button in the top menu bar of the forum. Bookmark that and gather your daily digest from it, you can always click on the quotes in that topic to jump right into the actual thread where it was actually posted.
Your question is answered in detail in there.

Hi @PhilipsIvo, I appreciate the quick reply. I have looked through the summary threads etc. And I cannot for the life of me find the post relating to why Philip’s cannot ship to my country. I understand that you probably cannot give me an exact delivery date but if you could please direct me to the information in more detail or just give me a brief explanation on why the device cannot be shipped to Gibraltar it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance

Did you expand the monthly recaps? There are so many posts explaining this, I can’t summarize it all for you. It has to do with suspended service, increased costs, etc.

Yes I expanded the summaries from February onwards and a bunch of topics I figured it might be under with no luck… i think it may have been mentioned in some comments or something which is why I am pleading with you to be my forum satnav :sweat_smile:

It is in there, i promise you that. It’s just that I’m not behind my pc right now to search the posts for you.

Edit: This came up in April, read from 2020-04-02 onwards

Thank you I managed to track it down backer ID [15584283] unfortunately not listed :frowning: I guess i will have to wait. thank you for your help, you’re doing a great job.

Just one more question though, My country is right next door to Spain which i believe is still receiving shipments who do i need to E-mail to get my projector sent to a friends house whose living in Spain?

This is the answer to your question:

What is your Indiegogo contribution ID by the way?

Contribution ID


That’s a much higher number than where they seem to be fulfilling at the moment, so perhaps by the time they get to yours these issues might be resolved. If you want to take the certain route, please indicate your friend’s address and phone number to

Please do this before you receive your tracking number, changes are not possible afterwards.

Be careful with the change of VAT per country, cost can change we will be able to make the modifications.